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Neem London ZQ Merino Neem Green Over Shirt

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WHAT MAKES THIS SPECIAL Made from fully traceable, ethical Merino Wool Planet kind and people kind manufacturing Biodegradable fabric that doesn't add to landfill Packaging Plastic Free THE STYLE AND FIT The perfect traceable and circular Jersey Shirt , soft and comfortable and tested for biodegradability. This is a product that rarely needs washing, even when worn against the skin as it has odour repellent and moisture management qualities. We have designed the most comfortable shirt yet elegant shirt we can,  styled smartly with a jacket or easily dressed down layered over a ZQ T Shirt. ZQ Merino is a super fine renewable fibre from farms that work to regenerative agricultural practices and we can trace the fibre back to the source. This style is versatile and is modern menswear at its best, smart when you need to be, relaxed when you want to be and always comfortable. THE DETAILS Slimmer fitting – fits true to size but size up or down if you want looseness or an extra slim fit. If in doubt, we suggest buying a size down. 100% ZQ super fine Merino Wool - mulesing free. This is a circular product meaning that this product is made from recyclable, renewable and biodegradable fibres. Label is 100% recycled materials ZQ Merino overshirt is made from renewable materials and is both biodegradable and recyclable. It provides all the great performance characteristics from merino wool. It’s warm even when it’s wet, feels cool when it’s warm outside and is naturally odour resistant. WASH AND CARE Wool is a fantastic material with natural bacterial and dirt resistance. Therefore, wool does not need to be washed after every use. Frequent washing has a negative effect on the wool's properties and unnecessarily wears down the garment. Instead, air your wool garments to reduce your water usage, save energy and make your garments last longer. Machine wash at 30c and line dry but let’s be true – please don’t wash very often it emits energy. Please wear out and wash as infrequently as possible. SUPPLY CHAIN Sheared in New Zealand (mulesing free), Knitted in in Italy by Reda B CORP and Made in Italy – this is a family made product