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Neem London Recycled Sky Horizontal Popover Shirt

£ 129





WHAT MAKES THIS SPECIAL Planet kind and people kind manufacturing Made from recycled yarn Biodegradable fabric that doesn't add to landfill Planet and climate friendly without toxic pesticides and with low water consumption Packaging plastic Free THE STYLE AND FIT A versatile piece, our cut away collar (featuring recycled interlining, most have polyester inside) is made in Europe and emits 40% fewer Green House Gases than a standard shirt. This sky blue stripe recycled popover shirt is as stylish loose on the beach as it is at a city restaurant paired with a blazer. An exclusive product made to be as comfortable as possible. Made from recycled cotton jersey, this is the post pandemic work uniform - soft, smart and modern. Positively casual. THE DETAILS Slimmer fitting – but not extra slim fit – so size up and down accordingly. If in doubt we suggest going up a size. 50% Recycled cotton certified by The Global Recycled Standard (GRS), made from fashion waste. 50% Organic certified cotton traced back to farm in Turkey - chemical and pesticide free. Our cotton is free from harmful substances.  Made with 40% fewer Green House Gas emissions than an equivalent shirt and 93% less water = saves two shirts from landfill Label is 100% recycled materials Thread is 100% recycled Buttons are made with 40% recycled mother of pearl, obtained by recycling waste and a touch polyester – we are working hard to make the button 100% recycled Fusing is 100% recycled WASH AND CARE Machine wash at 30 degrees and line/hang dry. Do not dry in tumble dryer. Wear often, wash infrequently, then recycle Product will shrink 5% - 8%  after washing, please be patient, initial fit may be a touch roomy to allow for this. We can recycle this and make new from the waste – EVEN with stains, rips or burns – so please send back to us for a credit. The raw material in this product can be used for new products, instead of becoming waste SUPPLY CHAIN Spun in Spain by Ferre, woven in Italy by Canclini and made in Romania by Poletti.