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Neem London Recycled Sky Como Print Comfort Shirt

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WHAT MAKES THIS SPECIAL Planet kind and people kind manufacturing Made from recycled yarn Packaging Plastic Free THE STYLE AND FIT This sky printed shirt features a sports stretch, comfort, technical feel, whilst offering the elegance of a formal shirt. An exclusive product made from recycled materials and certified Global Recycle Standard . Woven exclusively in Italy by Canclini, this shirt can be layered for a casual look or equally looks the part worn under a suit. A fabric like no other, the shirt requires zero ironing, dries quickly, and is extremely breathable whilst keeping you warm in winter. A forward-thinking shirt in both appearance and creation. The most comfortable shirt you may ever own. THE DETAILS Slimmer fitting – but not extra slim fit – so size up and down accordingly 70% Recycled Nylon (Global Recycle Standard certifies that we recycle the discarded nylon material diverted from the waste stream during the manufacturing process and we reconvert into recycled nylon) 30% Polyamide that offers supreme stretch Recycled Nylon generates almost 9 times less CO2 emissions than standard nylon. Global Recycle Standard (GRS), certifies products obtained from recycled materials and manufacturing activities. It enhances products made with recycled materials, in compliance with environmental and social criteria extended to all stages of the production chain. Label is 100% recycled Thread is 100% recycled Buttons are made with 40% recycled mother of pearl, obtained by recycling waste and a touch Polyester – we are working hard to make the button 100% recycled Collar Fusing 100% recycled WASH AND CARE Machine wash at 30c and line dry – dries very quickly. Please wear out and wash as infrequently as possible. Due to odour repelling properties, try not to wash this shirt after every use and conserve energy SUPPLY CHAIN Spun in Spain by Nurel, Polyamide is by Invista, Woven in Italy by EuroJersey / Canclini and Made in Romania by Poletti