The 5 best types of knitwear for men.

The 5 best types of knitwear for men.


A few years ago, the great Steve Jobs became a fashion iconoclast, changing the style norms of the entrepreneurial, tech-savvy male profile. The leading figures who run the world's biggest companies began to appear in knitwear, jeans and trainers instead of expensive, wide-cut suits and serious looks.

Crewneck sweatshirt

Nowadays it is still in fashion, it could be said that the jumper has become a basic garment for every man's wardrobe, as well as being a very useful garment from autumn onwards. It is a garment that slims the body and looks great with any outfit.

The image of Steve Jobs can be liked more or less, some of us consider him to be a man who generated a lot of controversy, and we might also doubt his practices. But we cannot deny that the world he created is very big and that he has contributed a lot to the minimalist style in the technology sector.

Zip-up sweater

In autumn many men are hot with a jumper and cold without it, the most comfortable garment for these occasions is the zip-up jumper, as you can take it off quickly at any time. As you can see in the images and by clicking on the link, the jumpers we love are from Luca Faloni, one of the best brands we know in terms of quality and sustainability.

Crew neck

Probably the simplest design and the one we like the most. Perfect for the dynamic man with minimalist style, Luca Faloni's jumpers are made from the highest quality cashmere and offer extraordinary comfort. It really is a worthwhile investment.

Cable knit

We think this design is fabulous too. It's like a crew neck but offers a braided design that gives the jumper a more eye-catching look and also gives it a bit more thickness. This design is also very stylish, perfect for everyday, work or weekend wear. We also love how it can be paired with a lightweight blazer, perfect for a formal yet dynamic outfit.


Perhaps the most casual of all sweatshirts, knitted jumpers are still a great choice for everyday wear. Maybe it's a garment for the home or for casual get-togethers with friends. Maybe it's for everyday tasks like shopping, gardening, working from home or taking the kids to the park. In short, it is a very versatile garment.

Thick button-down sweater

This is the most wintry garment, its thickness protects you from the cold almost as well as a jacket, plus it's a pretty smart jumper style that's perfect for work but can be quite warm in offices. It's perfect for important outdoor events.

Thick sweater crew neck

Perhaps this is the one we like the most, it is the perfect garment for winter, is as practical as a sweatshirt but much more stylish, it is perfect for going to work and for weekends, it can be worn with anything, and it looks great on most men. Without further ado this garment, specifically from Luca Faloni is a key garment for the modern man.

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