The Best For Summer From Our Favourite Brands


Summer is the best time to update your wardrobe with the latest trends. However, it"s crucial to choose a brand you can stand behind with an eye toward the environment. Unfortunately, those are far and few between, so to help you get started, we"ve rounded up some of our favorite brands who are working to make the fashion industry sustainable.

Wax London

If you"re looking for some trendy clothing, Wax London is a great brand to check out. Their clothing is perfect for summertime, and they always seem to be on-trend. Their tasteful use of color and print really brings your summer attire to a fun new level.

This brand is focused on integrity in business. They are one of several companies working to change how the fashion industry operates. They focus on using quality materials, being transparent with their business structure, and creating fashion that will last. It"s hard to beat a local brand with such good taste.

Wax London

Light Clay Page Wax Ho...

£ 80

Bask In The Sun

This brand offers more to stand behind than the latest trends and fashion-forward clothing. This brand"s calm and relaxed style is true to its coastal origins. However, this doesn"t mean their pieces are boring. They blend urban style with a more casual look to create an effortless style that stands out among the crowd.

They are eco-friendly, offering clothing that"s made from sustainable resources. The quality of these pieces also means less waste, as we see all too often with "fast fashion." They value their workers and go above and beyond to create a good working environment for their employees.


Casart is another eco-friendly brand that is focused on reclaiming men"s fashion with a colorful new twist. No reason to stick with neutrals here. The brand"s vision is to be unique and aims to inspire others to find their authentic self. Be unapologetically you with color and style that comes only from a genuine artistic flair.

Casart doesn"t just focus on eye-catching designs; they also use quality fabrics that will stand the test of time. With a strong focus on craftsmanship, each piece is made with the best practices resulting in high-quality clothing that you can see and feel.


This is a new brand on the scene that is shaking up the industry. They are unapologetic and non-conformist in their approach to fashion. Their clothes are designed to make you look and feel your best. They take inspiration from travel and cultures worldwide with pieces that are both innovative and casual.

Focusing on quality and comfort, they use only the finest materials. And as a nod to their global inspiration, they also source materials globally. Their clothing is lovingly designed, and materials are chosen to complement each piece. It takes months from when a new idea is formed before it reaches your door, so you know that every detail has been carefully planned out.

So, what are you waiting for? Get shopping and enjoy the summer sun! We"ve got everything you need to beat the heat with trendy clothing from eco-friendly brands that focus on quality.

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