The Best European Sustainable Sneaker Brands


It"s no secret that sneakers are making a comeback. While these shoes were once considered strictly athletic, they are now an everyday staple. However, with all that popularity, everyone is trying to get in on the action. Leaving shoppers with an abundance of options but little information to go off of.

As we know, not all brands are made equally. Some should be paying you to take their products. And paying for all the damage done to our planet by their cheap materials and production methods. Almost every material used in producing sneakers is incredibly damaging to the environment. However, a few companies are trying to change that – and you will want to check them out!


When it comes to ethical, European-made clothes, firms like Kulson are shaking things up. They focus on quality, style, and sustainability. Their sneakers are handmade in Portugal with respect for the environment and the people who make them. They create classic models with timeless design and excellent craftsmanship.


Belledonne is a company with a passion for sustainable fashion, aiming to combine traditional craftsmanship with eco-friendly materials. Each handmade Belledonne sneaker takes 2 hours to make with attention to detail in every shoe.

They are made with only quality materials, from recycled rubber bottoms to undetectable eyelets to waterproof Italian Cordura canvas or Mastrotto leathers tanned in Italy.


Full White B0 Sneakers...

£ 135.34


Dalgado is the ultimate sneaker brand with a social conscience. The company is dedicated to supporting small-scale, artisanal manufacturers and serves as an ambassador for eco-friendly production processes.

Their shoes are made from renewable materials such as recycled tires and plastic bottles.

They are produced in low-waste facilities with solar power. Dalgado is really pushing sustainable fashion to a new level.


JAK produces high-quality, stylish, and comfortable sneakers from recycled materials. They feature only the finest techniques and superior materials to ensure the longest-lasting product and top-notch customer support.

With an artisanal approach to shoe creation, they use only the best full-grain leather and family-run Portuguese manufacturers as their ateliers of choice.

These sneakers are ethical footwear mainstays for contemporary living.

North 89

The North 89 brand unleashes a whole world of possibilities for your feet. They"re starting a revolution in the sneaker industry by offering high-quality, sustainable styles that don"t sacrifice comfort, performance, quality, or design.

North 89"s sneakers feel luxuriously comfortable with antibacterial memory-foam soles. And their seasonal options, inspired by Scandinavian weather conditions, mean you"re sure to find a sneaker that fits your lifestyle.

Unseen Footwear

Unseen Footwear is possibly the best European-based sneaker brand that offers sustainable, durable, thoughtfully designed shoes made with 100% natural materials. The company"s mission is to give back and help the environment through innovative designs and responsible business practices.

Suede and fine Nappa leather are used in their designs to elevate modern sneaker styles. Their upgraded look means you can wear them to the office — but don"t be misled; these shoes also look terrific with a pair of jeans for a night out.

The choice of materials and the quality of a shoe are essential considerations when buying new sneakers. But don"t stop there. Take a step further, look beyond the sole, and think of your commitment to the environment.

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