Schonbuch: Linear And Sophisticated Design

Schonbuch: Linear And Sophisticated Design

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Schonbuch is a German brand that creates striking pieces for your home. From their beginnings in designing entryway pieces, they truly understand the importance of a first impression. Since their company was born, they have pushed the barriers of interior design, creating striking pieces that are sleek, modern, and colorful.

Their designs have been featured in some of the most popular magazines, and their products can be found in high-end stores worldwide. Their unique designs are guaranteed to make a statement in any room. From entryways to living rooms, their pieces will add a touch of luxury to your home.

The level of focus on fashion doesn't detract from their commitment to making quality pieces. This dedication to quality maintained this brand's standing in the interior decor world over the last 60 years. And its reputation has grown due to the longevity buyers have come to expect from Schonbuch products. The secret to its high quality is that each item is handmade in Bavaria.

2022 Collection

Their 2022 collection stands out from the past due to its surprising lack of color. Instead, Schonbush relies on a bold design style to make its pieces stand out. The simple designs feature sleek straight lines mixed with a modern oval shape that captures your eye. These pieces are not only striking but are functional as well. They combine design with functionality to leave you wondering which purpose it serves better.

For example, their sleek coat stand "Tilda" looks striking on its own. It has a unique shape and, with its built-in pouf, looks more decorative than any other coat rack. This coat stand will fit in any room. Use it in your main entryway so that guests have an accessible space to place their belongings. Or use it in the bedroom as a valet stand.

Or their wall-mounted rack "Mask" that again resembles art more than a functional piece of furniture. The right side is a wooden panel made from Bog Oak, a rare type of wood formed over hundreds of years, while the left side is a long mirror. It features a rack to hang your clothes and a small table for your wallet or laptop. There has never been a better space to get ready in the morning.

This attention to detail and dedication to style make Schonbuch a brand that the world simply can't ignore.

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