Redesign Of The Conventional Chair By Studie

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The STUDIE Chair by Fermob results from a collaboration between the experimental and innovative designer Tristan Lohneand and outdoor furniture manufacturer FERMOB. The result is a high-quality, durable, innovative, and aesthetically pleasing chair whose design pays homage to vintage furniture but has a look entirely its own.

The 2022 STUDIE Collection is aptly named as it features a chair and armchair with a nostalgic schoolhouse vibe. This isn"t surprising as this brand specializes in reinterpreting and redesigning vintage furniture with a modern twist.

This collection is a minimalist"s dream. The sleek design and simple silhouette work in any home setting. The use of aluminum makes the chairs both lightweight and sturdy, so you can move them around with ease.

Lohneand wanted this collection to be practical and have a light appearance that lends itself to any style. With 21 colors, you can choose a chair that fits your space and personal style. Whether you prefer a neutral look or a splash of color, there is a STUDIE chair for you.

Whether you prefer a neutral look or a splash of color, there is a STUDIE chair for you.

Although the design looks straightforward, simple even, these chairs are incredibly comfortable, unlike the chairs you remember from school. Their ergonomic design means you won"t be grabbing for a pillow to add behind your back. You may be surprised that this simple design went through multiple prototypes to get it just right before production. They needed to be comfortable, light, and stackable without losing the aesthetic.

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If you"re looking for an updated take on a vintage design, the STUDIE chair is a unique and stylish choice. It"s effortless yet still makes a statement. And that is a tricky balance to find.

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