Quip: Essential Utensils for Oral Hygiene

Quip: Essential Utensils for Oral Hygiene


It takes a lot to make us change our oral hygiene routine, but Quip oral accessories have done just that. Why? This article explains why Quip changes not just the way you look after your mouth, but the entire way you buy your dental accessories. Oral hygiene has never been easier, or more innovative, than with Quip.

How does Quip work?

Quip works with a simple philosophy: it should be easy and quick to brush your teeth, floss and use mouthwash. Furthermore, you should get your oral accessories with speed and ease. With Quip oral accessories, you will never be stuck with a worn-out toothbrush or find that your floss and mouthwash supplies are down to zero. Even better, Quip comes with a smartphone app that makes managing your supplies and maximizing your oral hygiene as easy as smiling.

Quip toothbrushes are different

Finally, you can say goodbye to the bulky, electric toothbrush in your bathroom with its weird charger, plug that doesn’t fit any socket you own and habit of running out of power when you need it most. Quip toothbrushes are sleek, stylish and effective.

Created by designers and dentists, Quip’s brushes are slender, (not much bigger than a manual toothbrush) sonic-powered tools that take standard AAA or rechargeable batteries. Incredibly, these last for 3 months. Finally, when they are flat, you simply pop them out and replace with fully charged batteries and your brush is back to buzzing away in your mouth. Backed by the American Dental Association, you know it’s doing a great job.

Likewise, Quip is bang on trend. For example, you can even get a limited edition, “Smile with Pride” adult metal electric toothbrush that gleams with iridescent goodness on your bathroom shelf.

Also, we love that they come in a range of colours. Quip even sells cool kids’ versions. For example, the funky yellow Smart Kids Electric Toothbrush.

A full range of Quip oral accessories

And that’s not all, with Quip you get a full range of oral accessories for every dental need, like:

  • Rechargeable Cordless Water Flosser: This innovative accessory gives you a cutting-edge rotating magnetic tip guaranteed to reach the parts of your mouth that other flossers miss. Even better, there is no floss to replace.

  • Refillable Floss Pick: Miles of floss is wasted and thrown away every year. Quip’s unique floss pick gives you a reusable pick that is good for 180 mouth-cleaning sessions. Available in plastic or metal, this is a stylish addition to your oral hygiene accessories.

  • Mouthwash Starter Kit: Dentists recommend mouthwash as an important oral-hygiene partner. Along with flossing, mouthwash is your first line of defence against tooth decay, cavities and gum disease. We adore Quip’s stylish mouthwash dispenser, filled with mint anticavity mouthwash and good for almost 300 doses.

Subscribe and save

We are already impressed by Quip’s range of oral accessories, but the killer offer here is their subscription model. Of course, you can buy what you need as a one-off, but to get the full benefit from Quip’s oral know-how, we recommend you opt for their subscription. Quip’s handy app monitors your oral hygiene routine and sends you refills on brush heads, floss picks and mouthwash. All this arrives exactly when you need it, so there is no risk of running out.

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