Oliver Cabell: Handmade luxury footwear

Oliver Cabell: Handmade luxury footwear


Italy is home to some of the greatest fashion houses in the world, so naturally people expect a lot from handmade Italian footwear. And we’re happy to say that Oliver Cabell luxury footwear doesn’t disappoint.

In fact, even for an Italian brand, there is something special about Oliver Cabell footwear. First, you can tell when you open the box and smell the rich quality of the full-grain Italian leather. Next, you pick up your lightweight but sturdy sneakers and slide your feet through the low-profile uppers and onto the quality insoles.

Read on to find out why this handmade, luxury footwear is so special, and which of their shoes we recommend you buy this year.

The Oliver Cabell story

Founder, Scott Gabrielson, started Oliver Cabell in 2018 because he wanted to solve a common problem in the fashion industry. Scott had visited Asia as a graduate student and felt horrified by the low wages and poor conditions of workers in the shoe industry. Many of whom were earning just a few dollars per hour for products that then sell for a hugely inflated price.

In founding Oliver Cabell, Scott put quality and affordability at the heart of the brand. For example, he eliminated that massive markup so the consumer gets a great price. What’s more, he’s doing luxury, handmade fashion right because Oliver Cabell’s headquarters expanded to the US just a few years after launch. Nevertheless, the company kept its prestigious Italian workshops where skilled artisans spend days making each pair of sneakers.

Minimalist simplicity in sneakers

Minimalist sneakers are hot in 2022, and Oliver Cabell set out to nail this niche with their luxury footwear. They make each pair of shoes using three key ingredients:

  • Full-grain, Italian leather uppers

  • Margom soles, the best on the market for durability and grip

  • Handmade in their special facility in Italy

So, how do their shoes compare to the best on the market?

Low 1

The archetypal classic in the Oliver Cabell lineup, the Low 1s are the minimalist sneakers that launched the line and contain all the core elements of luxury, handmade footwear that we love.

Happily, they are a delight to wear. They cocoon your feet in quality, handmade Italian leather, paired with flexible, Margom soles that provide grip and comfort. Furthermore, it won’t escape your notice that while these shoes look like a million dollars, at around £180 / €200, they don’t cost the earth.

Even better, we love the fact that Oliver Cabell footwear will take everything you can throw at it, and make you look good while you do. These solidly made, great-looking shoes have ethics and sustainability at their core. So, if you’re looking for an ethically sourced alternative to sneakers like Common Project’s ‘Achilles Low’, which cost almost double, look no further than Oliver Cabell’s handmade luxury Low1s.

Low 1 essential

If you want your Low 1s to be as unique as you are, then the Low 1 Essentials are the way to go. Still crafted from that luxury, calfskin leather, those Italian artisans individually distress each show so no pair is alike. What’s more, we love that the detailing gets a glow-up with a glittery circular design on those hand-sewn uppers.

To sum up, we can’t wait to see more from Oliver Cabell. With sustainability and handmade luxury at affordable prices, they are sure to surprise us with another hit sooner rather than later.

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