Neem London: Shirts Made from Recycled Materials


We think that being fashionable shouldn’t equal harming the environment. That’s why we are so excited that one of our new favourite lifestyle brands, Neem London, gives you some of the most eco-conscious and stylish shirts on the market.

Neem has an interesting origin. Founded by veteran fashionista, Nick Reed, Neem focuses on style, fashion and sustainability. Nick named Neem after the healing-herb that he saw on his frequent buying trips to India. For Nick, Neem embodies the caring approach to the environment that is embedded in every shirt made from recycled materials.

Are Neem London’s shirts truly recycled?

Neem London make all their shirts from GRS materials. That means they meet the Global Recycling Standard, which ensures that the shirts not only contain recycled materials but also eliminate forced or child labour. With GRS certification, the entire supply chain, and the shirt recycling process itself, is certified as using GRS-compliant practices. That means you can buy a Neem London recycled shirt with 100% confidence that your clothing is cruelty-free and supports our ecosystem.

The Neem London way

Creating fully recycled shirts isn’t easy, but Neem London are masters. First, they source all those GRS-compliant textiles. They come from lots of different sources. For example, they use top-rated, recycled fibres, and they also help to reduce huge amounts of fashion waste. Did you know the fashion industry throws away millions of tons of premium textiles every year?

Following that, they work with their Spanish-based company, FERRE, which transforms these unwanted textiles into “triple soft” organic cotton thread. Next, they send the yarn to Italy where it’s woven into the high-quality fabric before being shipped back to England. That’s quite a journey! But it’s a journey that uses the expertise of three different countries to ensure the highest quality recycled shirt for the buyer. Because it’s a Neem London supply chain, all the manufacturing processes are low-carbon.

And that’s not all, Neem London is so committed to recycling, that you can send any shirt to them for recycling and they will give you a £30 gift voucher for helping the cause.

Are Neem London shirts as good as non-recycled fashion?

We’re pleased to say that with a Neem London recycled shirt, you don’t sacrifice quality for sustainability. Neem London fabrics are just as tough, hard-wearing and versatile as the best non-recycled shirts that money can buy. What’s more, the softness, smoothness and feel of the yarn are out of this world.

The shirts!

Hopefully, by now you are as excited as we are about Neem London recycled shirts. Neem London carries a full range of shirts, but the ones we are currently most enthused by are Neem London’s sumptuous overshirts.

These versatile, recycled-material shirts are perfect the entire year round. In summer, use them as a light jacket. In winter, they are a warm partner to an overcoat. Even better, they can be worn buttoned or unbuttoned depending on how formal you feel.

For a rugged look, try out the Recycled Italian Navy Flannel Over-Shirt, unbuttoned. If you are feeling fresh, the Neem London Recycled Italian Sky Oxford Over-Shirt looks amazing paired with light-coloured chinos or faded denim jeans.

Neem London even give you an almost unheard-of 120 days to return your recycled shirt if you change your mind. Now, this is a company we want to hear more from.

Neem London

Recycled Italian Navy ...

£ 139

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