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Delve architects, a design and architecture studio based in South London, has designed and built a brick-lined kitchen which can readily be transformed into the “Ivanhoe gallery exhibition space” for displaying the best work of artists local to the area. The kitchen was built as an extension to a local terraced house and retains many of the traditional South London building characteristics, whilst offering subtle contemporary features.

A look into the minimalist London kitchen that doubles as an art gallery.

The project was commissioned by Katherine Oliver, founder of “Oliver Projects” consultancy and “Nomadic Gallery”, both of which specialise in promoting the work of artists local to south London.

She was initially attracted to the project as it offered a way to showcase London’s best artists in their natural environment, whilst having a positive effect on the local community – providing additional space for a family of five, and providing the local community with a minimal, easily accessible gallery.

Delve director ED Martin highlighted the project’s positive residential and cultural aspects: "Covering residential, cultural, retrofit, improving performance and quality detailing, Ivanhoe Gallery really sums up a lot of what we love to do as architects with home projects at Delve".

The extension at the back of the narrow-terraced site is sandwiched between two new brick walls that continue into the garden, enclosing a brick-paved patio where the new lounge area can open through full-height glass sliding doors.

The design, ultimately informed by a combination of traditional London design and minimalism, uses simple exposed bricks and terrazzo tiles. The resultant aesthetic has a slight Mediterranean feel, whilst still managing to fit in the with London housing style. The use of simple and minimal materials, in addition to using the full width of the plot, creates the perception of light and space within the kitchen and gallery.

The kitchen is fully equipped with sliding storage and minimal appliances, allowing conversion into the gallery to be done quickly, with minimal effort. The kitchen also achieves its easy gallery transformation by utilising hidden picture rails and subtle, non-intrusive lighting.

The new kitchen is lit through two new openings in the existing house, and a long, wooden-framed skylight. The new extension has double-glazed windows and high-density insulation in the walls and floors, to result in a minimal environmental impact.

The Ivanhoe Gallery opened on June 1, 2021, in time for its first exhibition. Delve Architects, a South London-based practice founded in 2017 by Edward Martin and Alex Raher, has previously successfully converted a 19th-century stone barn in Surrey into a home.

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