L'estrange London: The essential clothing your wardrobe needs

L'estrange London: The essential clothing your wardrobe needs


At first glance, L’estrange’s mission to sell fewer clothes looks unusual. However, founders, William Greene and Tom Horne’s commitment to minimalism give them a different outlook.

For example, imagine you have a dozen smartphones. Frequently, you use your favourite two. Sometimes, you use another two, and the rest you rarely touch. Now imagine that every year you replace all of them and start again.

What a waste of resources and money, right?No one would do that.

But it’s precisely this cycle of overproduction and discarded waste in the fashion industry that L’estrange combats with their range of high-quality, minimalist and multi-use fashion.

Designed to give you a core set of versatile, modular outfits you wear regularly, rather than many sets of clothes you rarely touch (then throw away), L’estrange focuses on “essentialism”.

L’estrange’s fight against fast fashion means their garments are designed to last because as well as epic durability, you also get free repairs.

But their focus on sustainability goes further.For example, L’estrange’s clothes are made with the lowest-possible carbon footprint and sustainable-manufacturing processes.What’s more, L’estrange clothes are engineered to allow for yearly changes in your body shape and they still put versatile, functional fashion first.

After all, L’estrange want you to love and wear their clothing, and we think they have nailed seductive, minimalist fashion with these garments.

24 Trousers

These 24 Trousers are a staple of L’estrange fashion. Functional, durable, figure-flattering and made of high-quality material. With a range of attractive, core colours, you can dress them up or down to suit your outfit. Furthermore, almost 2000 five-star reviews on L’estrange’s website can’t be wrong.

On average, 24 Trousers’ owners wear them 100 times in their first year, demonstrating L’estrange’s mastery of versatile, minimalist fashion.

The Modular Vest

We love the simple elegance of The Modular Vest. Worn as a standalone bodywarmer, or an inner-insulator, The Modular Vest’s recycled, thermoregulating microfibre is a classic accompaniment to any autumn or winter outfit.

Add it to a modular, winter-coat ensemble, and simply unclip it when the weather grows warmer.

The Modular Mac

A quintessential icon of British fashion, L’estrange’s take on the mac gives us their unique, minimalist garment: The Modular Mac.

Made from a simple, stylish mix of organic cotton and recycled nylon, The Modular Mac is practical, form-fitting and flattering.

Following L’estrange’s model for modularity and multi-use wear, you clip or unclip an inner insulator to adjust to the season.


We’re as impressed by L’estrange’s commitment to modern, sustainable fashion as we are by the design and quality of their clothes. Truly, with L’estrange you buy a core selection of outfits and wear them all year round.

Even better, the ability to swap out inner and outer shells is a game changer, giving you clothes you will want to wear every season.

It’s this commitment to “seasonless” fashion that sets L’estrange apart from other manufacturers and ensures that this is a brand we are watching closely.

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