Essential design: accessories for modern and practical lifestyle.

Essential design: accessories for modern and practical lifestyle.


In the world of minimalist design there are three premises that all good design must fulfil. Slimness, Modularity and Simplicity. These three product qualities are what characterise one of the novelties in our brand kit. Oda Design is an innovative brand dedicated to helping modern citizens live, work and travel better so they can focus on what matters most.

Hop – Backpack

Hop is the brand's collection of travel bags designed to meet the ever-changing demands of modern life. The backpack is comfortable and versatile for everyday work and hobbies. Perfect for weekly essentials such as a 16" MacBook Pro, cables, notebooks, pencil cases. The fabrics are high quality and the zips offer high weather resistance.

Hop – Backpack + Shoulder Bag

Put the two parts together and you have a great piece of luggage for short trips. The perfect backpack for sales people, freelance programmers or any entrepreneur who wants to travel with the essentials but in a lightweight way on business trips.

This set of backpacks allows you to store 3+ days worth of luggage, your laptop and accessories. The suitcase has a large opening that will allow you to organise your luggage in an efficient way.

Orbitkey – AirTag Slim Case

Orbitkey is a minimalist and compact way to carry your AirTag. Easily attaches to keys or anything you want to track with the open keyring. Minimalist design that can display any custom engraving.

Orbitkey – Keyring

This keyring made of high-strength stainless steel reinvents the natural mechanism of typical key rings, allowing you to open it without breaking your fingernails. This minimalist keyring design allows you to carry up to 10 keys without the need for unnecessary frills. A useful piece for modern life without superficial products.

Field Notes – Ruled Memo Book

One of the fundamental habits of a minimalist is to write down a list of all your actions for the day and check them off as you go along. You can do this digitally, or go back to the traditional and write it down on paper. Sometimes writing down on paper can help to clear the mind and relieve our eyes from the screens of the electronic devices that we use all the time.

Stilform – Ballpoint Pen

Together with the notebook, it is the perfect gift for a minimalist, its luxurious design makes it very attractive for men with a taste for good design. It becomes an extraordinary item for a high-end office such as an architectural office, a design agency or an office of any company manager.

ROAV – Folding Sunglasses

With a design that we love and a unique practicality, Oda sunglasses have made us fall in love with them. We classify them as a key product for a modern, practical and minimalist man. In addition to its originality, its design allows you to keep them in your pocket with minimal space without fear of breaking them. Without a doubt, it is a good product.

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